We Are Opening the 14th Annual Painting Competition

We are opening a new edition of the Painting - VUB Foundation Painting Award for Young Artists. Through this competition we have been promoting and supporting talents from among the emerging new generation of professional artists already for 14 years. If you are young artists dedicated to the fine art medium of painting, you can enrol your works through the online form from 1 April to 15 June 2019.

We are again opening the door of opportunity to the young talented artists to attract the attention of the art scene, recognition of renowned experts as well as the possibility to grow in their professional careers through financial support. Three winners, who will come out of the final top 20 selected by a professional jury in the autumn, will be awarded a total of 20,000 euro.

The aim of the Painting competition is not only to help the talents themselves, but also to bring the contemporary young fine arts closer to the general public. We can proudly label our competition as one of the most significant stepping stones in the life of many Slovak painters. Names such as Erik Šille, Ján Vasilko, Andrej Dubravský, Monika Pascoa Mikyšková or Žofia Dubová confirm the fact that initial support through this initiative bears fruit.

Photo: Annie Špániková

Professional painters up to 35 years of age who completed their fine art education and are thus graduates of the University of Fine Arts with at least a bachelor's degree can enrol in the Painting competition. Registration takes place via the online form at www.malbaroka.sk, where the competition statute, including the parameters of enrolled artworks that the competition participants undertake to follow are published. The deadline for applications is 15 June 2019.

Each year an international jury consisting of the leading European artists, theoreticians, curators, gallery owners and pedagogues guarantees an impartial and professional evaluation of all enrolled artworks meeting the competition criteria. The jury will assess the artworks in two rounds. In July, it will announce the final top 20 artists selected on the basis of digital assessment of artworks and in the autumn it will announce three winners based on assessment of the physical artworks. They will receive prizes of 3,500, 6,500 and 10,000 euro from the VUB Foundation. As a matter of tradition, the competition will culminate in an exhibition of the final top 20 artworks in the Nedbalka Gallery in Bratislava, which will be made available to the general public free of charge.

Photo: Dávid Hanko

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